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Troubleshooting & Service Requests

If you are having any issues with your lights, please follow the steps below:
     Visit the Gemstone Lights Help Center at to chat with Tech Support and get helpful links, online tutorials or learn new ways to use your lighting system!

     If the issue is with the app or offline controllers that won’t connect, contact Gemstone Lights directly.
Login issues, timer issues, re-connecting your controller, custom patterns, or other bugs are best addressed by the software team at Gemstone Lights that builds and services the app. You can chat directly with Gemstone Lights online here:
or call them directly at: 1-888-908-2675

     If the issue is with the hardware, please submit a service request at this link:
The request will come directly to our service staff at iluminology, and we can track the issue in our system and reach out to you to help resolve it.

     If you need us urgently, please feel free to call or text our local

teams At 888-585-5454 or email us at

Existing Clients

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