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  • Are the lights waterproof?
    Yes, the Track Lighting system is waterproof. It Is IP67 rated ensuring your system will have no issues when it comes to water.
  • Is the Lighting System Protected From UV Rays?
    Yes, all cables and lights in the Track Lighting system are UV rated, allowing the system to work as efficiently as the day you bought it, throughout the lifetime of the lights. Plus they will never be exposed to long periods of sunlight since they are installed under the roofline.
  • What is the Life Expectancy of the Lighting System?
    The Track Lighting system uses the most cutting-edge LED technology available, allowing for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. With average usage being 6 hours a day, the system is rated to last around 23 years!
    All parts are covered by a 5 year product warranty and a 1 year labour warranty. The lights are rated for 50,000 hours so it will be unlikely you’ll need to see us again for a while!
  • What is the Track made out of?
    The track is made out of aluminum which is the same material that your gutters are made from and will not rust or degrade.
  • What Happens if a Light Goes out in the Track Lighting System?
    In the unlikely event a light goes out in the Track Lighting system a replacement is quick and simple and covered under our 5-year product warranty! Do you need a bulb replaced? Submit a service reqest.
  • What Type of Connection Between Lights is Used in the Track Lighting System?
    The lights in the Track Lighting System are individually connected for simple installation, repair, and replacement. Along with being UV protected, our connections are a threaded compression fit design to achieve a water-tight seal. Our fittings have proven to significantly improve the integrity of the connection and to last much longer than crimping or soldering.
  • What is the Distance Between Lights on the Track Lighting System?
    The lights are 9 inches apart on the Track Lighting system. After much testing, we found this distance to be perfect for highlighting a home, while not drowning it with too much light.
  • What LED Color Temperature is Attainable with the Track Lighting System?
    The Track Lighting system is capable of producing a range of 2800K Warm White - 7000K Daylight LED color temperatures to give you the variety to choose the perfect white.
  • What is the Cost of Running the Lights?
    The average size home (with 117 linear feet of roofline) will require 150 Lights. At maximum capacity, the Track Lighting LED lights pull 1 watt/bulb. Therefore, if you were to run the track lighting system for an average of 6 hours per day, it would cost: $4.34 per month, or $52.80 per year.
  • How Many Colors are Possible with the Track Lighting System?
    The Track Lighting system is capable of producing 16 million colors! Get your free no obligation quote today.
  • How Bright are the Lights?
    Each Light, at maximum brightness, operates at 23 lumens/ light, 98 lumens/ meter, and 30 lumens/ feet.
  • Can the Track Lighting be Installed on Different Soffit & Fascia Materials such as Wood?
    Yes, we install on both wood and aluminum trim. When we come out to provide a quote, we will determine which type of track best suits your home.
  • What Type of Lights Does the System use?
    The Track Lighting system uses cutting-edge LED RGBWW (R= Red | G= Green | B= Blue | WW= Warm White) bulbs allowing us to have the brightest and most beautiful colors in the industry
  • How Much does the lighting system cost?
    The cost will depend on how much lighting you require for your home. Since every home is different, we will send one of our Service Advisors to come take all of the measurements for a FREE no obligation quote. The system typically can range from $2500 - $5500 with installation, taxes and all fee’s included. Get your free no obligation quote today.
    Average-sized installations are done in one day. You only need to be there for the beginning and the end of the installation. We will coordinate with you when we schedule your installation
    The lights are installed to the outer part of the soffit behind the fascia or trim, facing downward.
    We collect 30% down and then order your materials. The balance is due at installation by Cash, Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer or through our 3rd party financing partner. Please inquire with your sales representative if you’re interested in a financing option.
    With the smart Hub App, you can control your lights anywhere using our cloud technology. This means as long as your handheld device has an internet connection, you can be at work or anywhere in the world and turn on and off or change patterns remotely!
  • Can I Install the Front and Back of My Home at Different Times?
    Yes, you can absolutely install front and back Or any parts of your home at different times.
  • Can the Track Lighting System be Installed with Pot Lights?
    Yes, the Track Lighting system can be installed alongside pre-existing pot lights with no extra hassle or cost to you
    Using the depth of the fascia on your home, we will hang it based on that specific depth. This allows us to create a low profile look that blends nicely into your home.
    There is no regular maintenance needed outside of the updates to the firmware and app that gets pushed out.
    Yes, we can connect separate WiFi controllers to different parts of the house, which allows for the ability to only turn on certain sections of lights or to have different patterns on different parts of your home at the same time. Truly custom options!
  • Where is the Control Box Installed?
    The installation of the Control Box will depend on three things; proximity to an electrical outlet, path to the first light of the system, and keeping it hidden. More often than not, the Control Box is installed on the side of the home near a roofline, or in the attic of the garage.
  • Do you Need a Separate Electrical Outlet for the Control Box?
    No, the Control Box can be plugged into any regular outlet and does not require a separate electrical outlet. Allowing you to have ample power to make your home the most beautiful on the street.
  • What are the Dimensions of the Control Box?
    The dimensions of the control box are 8”x 11” in size.
  • Do you Depth Match the Track Lighting System to my Home?
    Yes, our manufacturing facility has access to industry-leading, state of the art machines which allow for any shape or depth of track to be custom fit to your home.
  • What Does the Track Lighting Look Like During the Day?
    The Track Lighting system was designed to only be seen when you want it to be. It perfectly blends into your home and is hardly visible when the lights are not on.
  • Can the Track Lighting System be Installed on Rain Gutters?
    The Track System generally works around the rain gutters. We snap the custom aluminum track into the soffit and fascia which is almost always below the gutters. In the event there is no soffit or facia below the gutters, we can fabricate custom tracks to fit nicely on your rain gutters without compromising the utility.
  • Can the Lights be installed on Commercial and Residential Buildings With no Soffit and or Fascia?
    Yes, our manufacturing facility has access to industry-leading, state of the art machines to allow for any shape or depth of track to be made specific to your home or business.
  • Do you Color Match the Track Lighting System to my Home?
    Yes, our manufacturing facility has access to over 150 of the most common soffit and fascia colors to find nearly the exact color match for your home.
  • Can I use Google Home or Amazon Alexa to Control my lights?
    Yes, all of our Outdoor Track Lights are fully controllable from your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. 
  • Can the Lights Still Operate if I Don’t have WiFi?
    Yes, in the event you’re in a location without Wi-Fi the system is still able to operate using a local Bluetooth connection.
  • How Many Users can use the Smart Hub App at one Time?
    There is no limit to how many users can use the Smart Hub app to access your system. You are able to share access with anyone you choose!
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